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Welcome to Pookatales Press!  You're probably here either because you love miniatures or you love books   perhaps both.  For me, it's both, no question.

One day soon, I hope to have my first novel published by a traditional publisher.  While I wait for that day, I've found a wonderful sideline opportunity in the world of miniature books.

Here at Pookatales Press, I have the joy of seeing little bits of my dreams take shape and become reality.  Our miniature books and other printed media are written, drawn, and produced by me.  (Occasionally, texts are traditional and out-of-copyright stories or ballads, such as our miniature book version of Tam Lin.)  I've combined two unique concepts in that while the pages are produced using some of the best home-based printers and computer effects available, the original drawings and book bindings are done the traditional way   with pencil and paper, needle and leather.  The combination of modern word-processing and medieval bookbinding techniques complement each other to bring you a unique product.

I invite you to look at my catalog.  My shopping cart system is hosted by PayPal and allows me to accept payments online.  You can also visit my seller's list on eBay to see what's currently up for auction.  In addition to our regular catalog items, auctions may sometimes include one-of-a-kind items or new debut items not yet added to the online catalog.

Again, thanks for visiting!


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