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A Perfect Irony

by Kathy Hurley

A Perfect Irony: $25.00

"A Perfect Irony" is a miniature book, hand-bound in a dark brown leather wraparound cover using a medieval bookbinders' technique. Its 43 pages of readable text and measurements of approximately 1 inch high by 7/8 inch wide make it a perfect choice for any 1/12th scale dollhouse or unique book collector's library. The story is set in Kathy Hurley's fantasy world of Ondine. Raina, a former thief currently serving time for her crimes, is told to steal a cat for her wardens. In return, they'll shorten her sentence. When she comes back with the Prince's favorite pet, she's told to take it back at once! Then she must make a choice between freedom and honor. This book has been reviewed in the prestigious magazine The Bloomsbury Review. It is part of a limited edition printing of only 100 copies, so get yours while they last! All are signed and numbered.

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